About Us

Maxgain Investments services LLP, founded in 2021, previously it was known as J SONI GROUP with 20 years for broking experience. we are master franchise for SMC GLOBAL SECURITIES LTD. MAXGAIN provides experienced services in Equity, Currency, Commodity, Futures , Options , Insurance, and more to a diverse clientele.

We are experts in the distribution of mutual funds, online trading, and depository services. We have our strong advisor team in India that cater services in local languages. We are regarded as the most trustful financial firms by the traders/investors. We think that every person contains an entrepreneur who, when properly mentored, can achieve great things for themselves. Our goal is to be the guiding light for any entrepreneur who wants to start their “own business” and be their “own boss.” A complete back office support to our Associates.

MAXGAIN INVESTMENTS is one of the leading master franchise aimed to make trading easier for every individual living on this planet, even for those who are from a non-trading background. MAXGAIN TEAM are in the market for over 15 years, MAXGAIN  has earned its huge clientele and  business associates who has passion of trading and create awareness of trading and make individual and non individual invest in Indian Stock Market. Starting from a small firm with the overwhelming responses and trust from our customers, today we are expanding. If you are new in the ‘trading business’, you should definitely know about the unique products that we offer to our customers. Be our Associate partner and have complete back office support trade support for your clients.

 MAXGAIN is here for you with its professionally trained team to offer knowledge and guide you through the same. If you are thinking of entering the ‘the world of Share Market or Stock Market’, but do not know where to begin from, reach out to us on the below provided contact details.

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